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Blender Copilot (BlenderGPT)

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Streamline your Blender tasks effortlessly with Blender Copilot! Regardless of your level of expertise, you can describe the task you want to execute in plain text, and let ChatGPT convert it into code that Blender can understand and execute. From saving time and energy by taking repetitive tasks off your hands to improving your workflow with its history feature, this addon has got you covered.

Blender Copilot is a powerful and intuitive add-on for Blender that uses artificial intelligence to simplify the 3D workflow. With its natural language commands, easy to use dialog interface, and texture and material generation capabilities, Blender Copilot offers a range of benefits to users of all levels of expertise. Installing Blender Copilot is quick and easy, and once installed, users can begin taking advantage of all its features and functionality.

Let Blender Copilot be your magical companion, enabling you to focus on your creativity instead of the technicalities.


You need to have API Key from OpenAI. You can find it in the OpenAPI platform dashboard. Click here to navigate to OpenAPI Dashboard

Installing Blender Copilot is a straightforward process that can be completed in just a few steps. 

  1. Download the Blender Copilot add-on file. The file will be in a .zip format.
  2. Open Blender and navigate to the Preferences menu. This can be done by clicking on the Edit > Preferences.
  3. In the Preferences menu, select the Add-ons tab. This tab displays a list of all the add-ons installed in your Blender application.
  4. Click on the  Install button located at the top right-hand corner of the Add-ons tab.
  5. Navigate to the downloaded Blender Copilot add-on file and select it.
  6. Once the installation is complete, you can activate the Blender Copilot add-on by clicking on the checkbox next to its name in the Add-ons list.
  7. Add the API key on the API Key field inside the plugin config.
  8. You are ready to go!


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Get your hands on the powerful Blender Copilot add-on today and streamline your Blender tasks effortlessly.

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Blender Copilot (BlenderGPT)

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